My Reason You Should Avoid Gorilla Games.

I had an issue with my PS3. It was locking up from time to time, and only on certain games (COD, Joe Dirty2). I did a little research, and it appeared that it was on the urge of YLOD, and was overheating. Called around, and a local game shop Gorilla Games, said they could fix it. I took it in, gave them a deposit and waited. Five days later I get a voice mail saying they could not fix it, that it was the motherboard, and I could come and pick up my machine. I drove up to pick it up, and brought it home and nothing. I got a green light, but nothing on the screen. I thought maybe I need to reset the video. The button did not respond. I called the store, and the lady I picked up the machine from said that she would have the manager call me. If I had any thought for one minute, I would be getting back a bricked machine; I would have waited for it to die and bought a new one or sent it to Sony. The major issue I have is that I had Singstar videos on the machine that had my kids when they were young.

I still got no call after 10 hours and finally reached out via Facebook. Long story short, I was offer $20 for the PS3 they broke. Once I threaten to take him to take then to small claims court, they offered me back my deposit , (which could take up to 5 days, and I still have not received)

Now the owner is saying my machine was YLOD, when I dropped it off, which it wasn’t.   If it was I would have sent it to Sony and gotten a replacement box for a $100. (which is the current rate for replacement)  and a 1 year guarantee.

This store charges $90 for YLOD, and a 60 day guarantee.    I was trying to be proactive.  Now I have a bricked Playstation 3 system that I am sending to Sony.


So save your self the headache and avoid all Gorilla Games stores, especially the one in Naperville.


Uncharted 1: Drake’s Fortune (The Movie)

A fan has cut together all Uncharted games into 3 different movies. Which is awesome.Having played all 3 games, I can tell you they are all great.

If you plan on playing these games I suggest you skip watching the movies.