The Animaniacs History

I found the history of the Animaniacs, and it is interesting. If you care to read it, check it out here

For now, watch this video, that goes over kids head, but not the adults…


Something I found From Debbie.

Yesterday I went to HalfPrice Books. I was not looking for anything, but browsing. (I had a coupon and a giftcard) One of the books I looked at was  Warner Bros Animation Art.

photo (2)

I have always loved Animation.  It allows you to do anything, which encourages the use of you imagination.  Which is exactly what happen when I started flipping through the book, and saw the dedication.

To James:

Christmas 1997

I hope you enjoy leafing through this book! I know that’s not the most creative line, but I really do hope you enjoy this book.

I couldn’t reset it  – your name was written all over it 🙂

Love you “Looney Tune” wife –

Debbie 🙂

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I now wonder how the book ended up in a resale shop, and what happened to this couple.