Post 400…Lets Offend Some People

This is post 400 so I figure I would make it somewhat serious. We live in an age to where we should be jumping forward by leaps and bounds. This should be a golden age, but I think history will look back on this time in history as the 2nd Dark Age. We are connected to every part of the world thanks to the internet, and technology.  Now some do use this technology for good, and others use it to spread hate, and to brain wash.  The two parties to blame are the rich, and religious. Don’t get me wrong, now all the rich, and not all the religious are to blame.  Life is not fair, but I am a firm believer, if you are able to help, then you should help. I don’t make much, but I still manage to donate monthly to different organizations. If someone asks for help, I try to help.  So we I see these people who have more money than they will ever need complaining, or saying they cannot afford something, really pisses me off. Taxes are the perfect example. The rich should pay more taxes.  But if the rich have more money they will spend more money. Bull shit. They are rich because they know how to manage their money. The money the save are going into savings. They get into their head they need more and more money, and it removes them so far from the average man, they have no clue how the average man is. Mitt Romney is one such guy.  I hope people see through his disguise, and that he is not elected.

Then we get to the religious. I was brought up in a religious household. Until the past few years it was something I struggled with.  Finally I came to the conclusion that there is no god.  If I am wrong, and I go to hell, then made the right decision. Any creator, who demands to be worshipped, is not worth being worshipped. Then we get to the followers who are killing, and spreading hate.  What I find really funny is that 75% or more have never read the bible (if not more), and only go off what other people have told them.  The bible is about loving your fellow man, regardless of race, belief, and sexuality.  Instead it has been stretched and distorted, to where it was used to brain wash and to make the rich richer, and the poor lemmings.

I am done babbling for now.  I am sure this full of misspelling, and grammar errors, and I am sure I may offend some, but I just needed to get some of that off my chest.


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