The Power of Twitter

For years I have sang the praises of Twitter. How can something that only allows 140 characters be so great? For starters I have won several PS3 and 360 games, by following the publishers of the games. I have interacted with people, which I never would have been able to interact with people like Daniel Solis, creator of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Kevin Smith, of Clerks fame, and countless video game developers, artist and writers from the entire world. Last night something happened, something I never thought would have happened. Last night Radiohead played here in Chicago. I did not have a ticket. So I got on craigslist trying to score tickets for me, my daughter and one of her friends. After a few hours, my daughter told me to try to get just 2 tickets. But no one answered there phone, or responded to emails. I was a little disappointed. My daughter was a bit disappointed as well. I had given up, when I did a twitter search for Radiohead tickets, that is when I saw a tweet from Erin Conlon. She was bummed that she had an extra ticket and was unable to give it away. Wait what? She had an extra ticket, and was unable to give it away. I sent a message/ tweet to her and after a few exchanges we agreed on a price of $30. I scored a $100 ticket for $30. Needless to say I was happy. My daughter was disappointed, but I think she understood that I tried. I felt bad that she was not going with me. Nothing would have made happier if she had gone with me. She is still young and has thousands of shows she will go to in the future.
So if you have a twitter account, use it. If you don’t have a twitter account, sign up and us it.
You can even follow me here


The Band Debut a New Song Last Night.


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