Spirited Away

Fantastic movie!

Check It Out!

Spirited Away is a visual masterpiece written and directed by Japanese living legend Hayao Miyazaki. The story starts out with a young family on moving day, driving to their new house.  They stop along the way and find a long, narrow passageway that leads to a large open area that looks like an abandoned theme park. Soon enough, the area becomes overwhelmed by spirits who take control of the young girl’s (Sen’s) parents, and it is up to her to free herself and her parents from its grasps.

This story is mystical, bizarre and elaborate. Most of what is going on is seemingly beyond imagination. Not just for you and I, but for Sen too.  What’s fabulous about this movie is that you experience this mystical world as Sen explores it, and you really feel like you’re in her shoes and it becomes very relatable.  There are a lot of…

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